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Music for a Royal Occasion: 90th Birthday Celebration for Her Majesty -
Summer Parade Day - Various Artists
2 - Brat Farrar
Up The Videogame -
Take Your Mama For A Ride - Roselle
Cafe Del Mar Ibiza Volumen Sete Y Ocho - Various Artists
Face The Truth - No Shame
Chronicle Of Life And Death Life Version - Good Charlotte
Ben 10: Galactic Racing -
Split - Howard Hello
Bellydance Think Global - Various Artists

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Artikelen in de categorie Folk:

Geen plaatje beschikbaar Diamonds And Rust In..
Artiest(en): Joan Baez Meer Joan Baez...
Releasedatum: 01-01-2100
EAN: 0753088008061

Geen plaatje beschikbaar It Ain'T Exactly Entertai
Artiest(en): Gerry Goffin Meer Gerry Goffin...
Releasedatum: 31-12-2099
EAN: 9999906846977

Geen plaatje beschikbaar Supply, Demand And Curve
Artiest(en): Demand & Curve Supply Meer Demand & Curve Supply...
Demand & Curve Supply Meer Demand & Curve Supply...
Releasedatum: 31-12-2099
EAN: 0766397300924

Home Is Where The Hut Is Home Is Where The Hut Is
Artiest(en): Hut People Meer Hut People...
Releasedatum: 31-12-2099

Disk 1 Nummers: 1. Basque 2. Morfars 3. Asa Branca 4. Happy One Step 5. Kuortaneen 6. La Gran Noticia 7. Lansiranta 8. Butter 9. Napoleon 10. Vai Vedrai/Tivoli 11. Princess Royal 12. Da Day Dawn 13. Tsuiluikka
EAN: 5017116022821

Geen plaatje beschikbaar Highlights From Songs Of
Artiest(en): Daniel O'Donnell Meer Daniel O'Donnell...
Releasedatum: 31-12-2099

Disk 1 Nummers: 1. Softly & Tenderly - (studio) 2. Sweet Victory - (studio) 3. Here I Am Lord - (studio) 4. Make Me A Channel Of You Peace - (studio) 5. Put Your Hand In The Hand - (studio) 6. Nearer My God To Thee - (studio) 7. I Saw The Light - (studio) 8. You Raise Me Up - (studio) 9. Sweet
EAN: 9325425027311

Geen plaatje beschikbaar Farewell To Eireann
Artiest(en): Freddie White Meer Freddie White...
Releasedatum: 31-12-2099
EAN: 0766397304328

Geen plaatje beschikbaar Run With The Wind
Artiest(en): Jan Carter Meer Jan Carter...
Releasedatum: 31-12-2099
EAN: 9324690005826

Geen plaatje beschikbaar Folkclub Souvenir
Artiest(en): Hamish Imlach Meer Hamish Imlach...
Releasedatum: 31-12-2099
EAN: 4250137232003

Geen plaatje beschikbaar Camphouse Ballads
Artiest(en): Jimmy Crowley Meer Jimmy Crowley...
Releasedatum: 31-12-2099
EAN: 0766397303123

Truffe & Other.. Truffe & Other..
Artiest(en): Daniele Sepe Meer Daniele Sepe...
Releasedatum: 31-12-2099
EAN: 8028778991971

Geen plaatje beschikbaar And Peter Horan
Artiest(en): Fred Finn Meer Fred Finn...
Releasedatum: 31-12-2099
EAN: 0766397303529

Geen plaatje beschikbaar Kathleen Behan
Artiest(en): Kathleen Behan Meer Kathleen Behan...
Releasedatum: 31-12-2099
EAN: 0766397304625

Geen plaatje beschikbaar Taking Flight
Artiest(en): Bobby Casey Meer Bobby Casey...
Releasedatum: 31-12-2099
EAN: 0766397301822

Piper'S Apron Piper'S Apron
Artiest(en): Tommy Keane Meer Tommy Keane...
Releasedatum: 31-12-2099

Disk 1 Nummers: 1. Cliffs of Moher/Spot the Wallop [Jigs], The 2. Boys of the 25/The Hare's Paw/The Pinch of Snuff [Reels], The 3. Willie's Polka 4. Big Pat/Billy Brocker's/The Ballintra Lass [Reels] 5. Will You Come Down to Limerick/The Piper's Apron/Give Us a Drink of Wat
EAN: 0766397305226

Geen plaatje beschikbaar Out All Night
Artiest(en): Fisher Street Meer Fisher Street...
Releasedatum: 31-12-2099
EAN: 0766397305721

Geen plaatje beschikbaar Jim Donoghue
Artiest(en): Jim Donoghue Meer Jim Donoghue...
Releasedatum: 31-12-2099
EAN: 0766397303420

Geen plaatje beschikbaar Any Old Time
Artiest(en): Brid Cranitch Meer Brid Cranitch...
Releasedatum: 31-12-2099
EAN: 0766397304724

Pumpkinhead Pumpkinhead
Artiest(en): Pumpkinhead Meer Pumpkinhead...
Releasedatum: 31-12-2099
EAN: 0766397300122

Geen plaatje beschikbaar Pipers Rock
Artiest(en): Pipers Rock Meer Pipers Rock...
Releasedatum: 31-12-2099
EAN: 0766397302324

Geen plaatje beschikbaar Kerry Music
Artiest(en): Dennis Doody Meer Dennis Doody...
Releasedatum: 31-12-2099
EAN: 0766397301921

Airplang Ii Airplang Ii
Artiest(en): Rodney Miller Meer Rodney Miller...
Releasedatum: 31-12-2099
EAN: 0786851341225

Geen plaatje beschikbaar Scullion
Artiest(en): Scullion Meer Scullion...
Releasedatum: 31-12-2099
EAN: 0766397303727

Geen plaatje beschikbaar Harp Key
Artiest(en): Alison Kinard Meer Alison Kinard...
Releasedatum: 31-12-2099
EAN: 0766397302928

Raw Whiskey Blues Raw Whiskey Blues
Artiest(en): Dermot Byrne Blues Combo Meer Dermot Byrne Blues Combo...
Releasedatum: 22-04-2098

Disk 1 Nummers: 1. MEDLEY: Line Em/Rollin' And Tumblin' 2. Slow Train 3. Preachin' Blues 4. Raw Whiskey Blues 5. Walking Blues 6. Low Down Blues 7. Fortune Teller 8. Catfish To Kingbee 9. Borrow Love And Go 10. Old Riley 11. Death Letter Blues 12. M & O Blues 13. Going Down To C
EAN: 0712136110521

Shining My Flashlight On Shining My Flashlight On
Artiest(en): Christine Lavin Meer Christine Lavin...
Releasedatum: 11-03-2098

Disk 1 Nummers: 1. Shining My Flashlight on the Moon 2. Two Americans in Paris 3. Introduction to the One-Song Musical "Honey, We Have to Talk" 4. I Want to Be Lonely Again 5. Music to Operate By 6. Happy Divorce Day 7. Polka-Dancing Bus Driver and the 40-Year-Old Mystery 8. Robert and Annie i
EAN: 0016351802422

Enchanted Garden Enchanted Garden
Artiest(en): Renbourn, John -Group- Meer Renbourn, John -Group-...
Releasedatum: 11-03-2098

Disk 1 Nummers: 1. Pavane "Belle Qui Tiens Ma Vie" / Tourdion 2. The Truth From Above 3. Le Tambourin 4. The Plains Of Waterloo 5. The Maid On The Shore 6. Douce Dame Jolie 7. A Bold Young Farmer 8. Sidi Brahim
EAN: 0016351797421

Railroad Songs and Ballads Railroad Songs and Ballads
Artiest(en): Various Artists Meer Various Artists...
Releasedatum: 09-08-2097

Disk 1 Nummers: 1. Calling Trains - Utah Phillips (0:47) 2. The Boss Of The Section Gang - Minta Morgan (2:04) 3. Jerry Will You Ile That Car - Warde H. Ford (0:27) 4. Lining Track - Henry Hankins (1:20) 5. Roll On Buddy - Molly Aunt Jackson (2:55) 6. Way Out In Idaho - Blaine Stubblefield (3:
EAN: 0712136150824

The Heart Songs|Old Time Country Songs Of Utah Phillips The Heart Songs|Old Time Country Songs Of Utah Phillips
Artiest(en): Kate Brislin Meer Kate Brislin...
Releasedatum: 19-07-2097

Disk 1 Nummers: 1. Orphan Train (4:01) 2. Walking Through Your Town In The Snow (4:00) 3. Hood River Roll On (4:09) 4. Scofield Mine Disaster (3:05) 5. Miner's Lullaby (4:33) 6. Rock Salt And Nails (6:34) 7. Green Rolling Hills Of West Virginia (3:53) 8. A Ragged Old Man (4:59) 9. The Jur
EAN: 0011661042421

Songs & Ballads Of The Anthracite Miners Songs & Ballads Of The Anthracite Miners
Artiest(en): Various Artists Meer Various Artists...
Releasedatum: 03-11-2096

Disk 1 Nummers: 1. Down, Down, Down - William E. Keating (4:30) 2. The Avondale Mine Disaster - John J. Quinn (4:09) 3. Me Johnny Mitchell Man - Jerry Byrne (2:27) 4. Boys On The Hill - James Muldowney (1:49) 5. On Johnny Mitchell's Train - Jerry Byrne (2:39) 6. Rolling On The Rye Grass -
EAN: 0712136150220

Blue Lightning Blue Lightning
Artiest(en): Jody Stecher/Kate Brislin Meer Jody Stecher/Kate Brislin...
Releasedatum: 06-01-2096

Disk 1 Nummers: 1. Still (My Thoughts Go Back To You) 2. A Lonesome Night 3. Lonesome Road Blues 4. Sittin' On Top Of The World 5. Elkhorn Ridge 6. Old Pal Of Yesterday 7. Country Blues 8. Blue Diamond Mines 9. Adieu False Heart 10. Polly Ann 11. Stepstones 12. Just A Few More Days
EAN: 0011661028425
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