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Artikelen in de categorie Overige:

Tina May Sings Piaf Tina May Sings Piaf
Artiest(en): Tina May Meer Tina May...
Releasedatum: 18-04-2011
EAN: 5020883337210

Kind Of Fitzgerald Kind Of Fitzgerald
Artiest(en): Ella Fitzgerald Meer Ella Fitzgerald...
Releasedatum: 25-02-2011

Disk 1 Nummers: 1. I've got a crush on you 2. Lullaby of Birdland 3. Body and soul 4. Too close for comfort 5. This can't be love 6. April in Paris 7. I got it bad and ain't good 8. Air mail special 9. I'm gonna sit right down and write myself a letter 10. I can't give
EAN: 8718011203397

Full Monty Sunshine Vol.2 Full Monty Sunshine Vol.2
Artiest(en): Sunshine Monty Meer Sunshine Monty...
Releasedatum: 07-12-2010

Disk 1 Nummers: 1. Cake Walkin' Babies 2. Ace In The Hole 3. Lonesome Road 4. Somebody You'll Be Sorry 5. Papa De Da Da 6. Lou Easy An I A 7. Snake Rag 8. Jazz Me Blues 9. Magnolia's Wedding Day 10. Sunshine Is Blue 11. Put On Your Grey Bonnet 12. When You Wore A Tulip 13. When
EAN: 0501812120622

Just Conny Just Conny
Artiest(en): Conny Meer Conny...
Releasedatum: 12-11-2010
Afgelopen juni was Conny dé sensatie tijdens de opening van The Hague Jazz. De zangeres die dertig jaar geleden furore maakte met hitjes als Upside Down is veranderd in een zwoele jazz-zangeres.„Ik kan zulke teksten alleen maar zo zingen", verontschuldigt Connie die haar waanzinnige optrede EAN: 8712241665093

Back Home ! Back Home !
Artiest(en): Chet Baker Meer Chet Baker...
Releasedatum: 04-11-2010

Disk 1 Nummers: 1. That old feeling 2. It's always you 3. I've never been in love before 4. Chippiyin' 5. Jumpin' off a chef 6. Extra mild 7. Tynan time 8. The route 9. Sonny boy 10. Minor yours 11. Little girl 12. Sweet Lorraine 13. Ol' croix 14. I can't give you
EAN: 0794881981120

The Ultimate Cd The Ultimate Cd
Artiest(en): Ella Fitzgerald Meer Ella Fitzgerald...
Releasedatum: 01-10-2010

Disk 1 Nummers: 1. Ella Fitzgerald - You'Ll Have To Swing It (Mr Paganini) 2. Ella Fitzgerald - A-Tisket, A-Tasket 3. Ella Fitzgerald - Undecided 4. Ella Fitzgerald - Don'T Worry `Bout Me 5. Ella Fitzgerald - Into Each Life Some Rain Must Fall 6. Ella Fitzgerald - It'S Only A Pa
EAN: 0076119014016

Sound Surroundings Sound Surroundings
Artiest(en): Q4 Meer Q4...
Releasedatum: 02-08-2010

Disk 1 Nummers: 1. Intro 2. One of these days 3. Oscuros angeles 4. Demagogues 5. Look again 6. Goin' down 7. My own advice 8. Pulse 9. Split personality 10. Trouble with me 11. Trouble dub (outro) 12. Demagogues (Inf remix)
EAN: 0602527431925

Turbulence Turbulence
Artiest(en): Michael Portal Meer Michael Portal...
Releasedatum: 27-05-2010

Disk 1 Nummers: 1. Mozambic 2. Pastor 3. Djam's 4. Métis 5. Turbulence 6. Basta
EAN: 0794881960422

Voices Voices
Artiest(en): Ella Fitzgerlad Meer Ella Fitzgerlad...
Releasedatum: 18-03-2010

Disk 1 Nummers: 1. I've got the world on a string 2. Give a little, get a little 3. Someone to watch over me 4. Goody goody 5. Taking a chance on love 6. I wished on the moon 7. Makin' whoopee 8. Nice work if you can get it 9. Lullaby of birdland 10. Between the devil and the deep bl
EAN: 0658592123722

Essential Early Recording Essential Early Recording
Artiest(en): Nina Simone Meer Nina Simone...
Releasedatum: 05-03-2010

Disk 1 Nummers: 1. My Baby Just Cares For Me 2. Don't Smoke In Bed 3. Mood Indigo 4. He Needs Me 5. Love Me Or Leave Me 6. Good Bait 7. Central Park Blues 8. You'll Never Walk Alone 9. Plain Gold Ring 10. Little Girl Blue 11. For All We Know 12. He's Got The Whole World In His H
EAN: 0805520090995

Eleanora Fagan:to Billie Eleanora Fagan:to Billie
Artiest(en): Dee Dee Bridgewater Meer Dee Dee Bridgewater...
Releasedatum: 19-02-2010

Disk 1 Nummers: 1. Dee Dee Bridgewater - Lady Sings The Blues - 03:30 2. Dee Dee Bridgewater - All Of Me - 02:58 3. Dee Dee Bridgewater - Good Morning Heartache - 05:10 4. Dee Dee Bridgewater - Lover Man - 04:43 5. Dee Dee Bridgewater - You'Ve Changed - 05:10 6. Dee Dee Bridgewater - Miss
EAN: 0602527241555

Wicked Jazz Sounds Volume 7 Wicked Jazz Sounds Volume 7
Artiest(en): Various Artists Meer Various Artists...
Releasedatum: 29-06-2009
Het is uitgeprobeerd, dus het is waar: begraaf een plaat waar de soul, de funk of de jazz vanaf spettert, en het koningskoppel van Wicked Jazz Sounds ruikt 'm vanaf een kilometer afstand. Leroy Rey en Phil Horneman hebben de nieuwe mixcompilatie voor Wicked Jazz Sounds eens anders dan anders aa EAN: 8713748090784

Collection Collection
Artiest(en): Billie Holiday Meer Billie Holiday...
Releasedatum: 08-01-2009
EAN: 5014797791022

Come Voce Come Voce
Artiest(en): Margret Meer Margret...
Releasedatum: 30-06-1990

Disk 1 Nummers: 1. Peach Trees 2. Saudosismo 3. Call Me 4. Wicked Game 5. By On Byl Tu [Farmer's Trust] 6. O Trem Azul 7.  Preciso Dizer Adeus/All That's Left Is To Say Goodbye 8. Into Shade 9. Half the Way (If I Could)
EAN: 0016728124126

Artiest(en): Nina Simone Meer Nina Simone...
Releasedatum: --
cd EAN: 4013659033561

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